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Stop Writing Crappy eBooks - How To Quit Working
Stop Writing Crappy eBooks

Stop Writing Crappy eBooks

About a year ago, I was looking for a big promotional tool for my business. When I looked at the options, one quickly rose to the top.

Write a book.

I had written 2 other books before, so why not another? From writing the first two, I learned that when the books are published on floppy disks in your desk drawer they sell horribly. So, I had some good experience to draw on there. :-)

Then, I did what I always do. I dove head-first into the industry and learned everything I possibly could about publishing, book marketing, positioning, printing, eBooks, and on and on.

I did not like what I learned.

I kept hearing, “This is the NEW WORLD” of publishing. Everything is different now.

You can publish a book for free.

It’s easy to become an Amazon best seller.

Write a book in a weekend.

<insert here the sound of a needle being scratched across a record>


READ: Slap something together fast, throw it out there and GAME Amazon’s ranking system to get it to number one for 5 minutes, so you can call yourself a “best seller.”

Slap something together fast and throw it out there.

Is this what publishing is coming to? Slap something together really fast and then use the latest tricks and tactics to get it to number one for 5 seconds so you can say you are a best seller? That whole thing just didn’t sit well with me. The practical side of me also knows that these “tricks and tactics” will only work until more people figure them out, then they will become ineffective. That’s happening already.

Free eBooks

Then I heard about all these “free” eBooks. Amazon’s KDP Select program lets you give your book away for free on the Kindle for 5 days to increase it’s downloads, and therefore improve it’s ranking on Amazon. So, I said, “OK, let me look at some of these ‘free’ eBooks on the Kindle.”

All I found was CRAP. CRAP, CRAP and more CRAP.

I downloaded a “book” that was literally 10 paragraphs.

I won’t go into all the rest. But I can tell you with 100% certainty that I never got my money’s worth for any of the “free” Kindle books I downloaded.

If you don’t believe me, just go download some free Kindle books.

Write a GOOD book

Writing a book is probably the best marketing decision you will ever make. So write a REAL one, a GOOD one and make it something you are proud of. I could talk a lot about what that means, but I’ll keep it simple and tell you this:

You have a lot of decisions to make when you write your book. As you make those decisions, make sure the rational for them is never, “Because it’s easier”

Make sure the rational for a decision is never, ‘because it’s easier’

Whenever it sounds “easy” it’s a shortcut and it’s not helping you.

Stop writing crappy ebooks

Write a book you are proud of. (bad hair day)

Let’s stop writing these crappy eBooks and write good books. The technology and industry have changed have give you more options and flexibility than ever before. I blogged about that here last year.

If you want to learn how to get from IDEA to BOOKSHELF, then consider attending my friend and Mentor, Bob Bare’s conference in Southern California. You can register here and if you do, I’ll give you complimentary access to my new online training program called “How to Quit Working NOW!” The name speaks for itself, but basically that program is the best tools, tactics and techniques for creating a business and an income with what you KNOW instead of just getting paid for what you DO.

I’ve been to Bob’s events before and I can tell you they are full of great people and great content.

Whether that event is right for you or not, write a good book, not a crappy eBook. Don’t write a crappy eBook; you will rob yourself of the amazing experience of writing a GOOD book.

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