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There is no such thing as Internet Marketing - How To Quit Working
There is no such thing as Internet Marketing

There is no such thing as Internet Marketing

I call it the I-Myth.

Watch this video on the I-Myth or just keep reading.

Recently I went to a business conference. I go to a lot of them, because I’m a self-professed “seminar junky.” For two days, I listened to one great speaker after another. Each one with great, solid, useful and actionable information. Everyone was enjoying themselves. Then, on the last day, towards the end, the “Internet Marketing Guy” got up and gave his talk.

“Just put up some videos”

“Put some links on social media”

“Do some SEO”

The man got a standing ovation and I got a stomach ache.

I got a stomach ache because I saw people falling for what I had fallen for. When I made my first attempt at creating an Expert Lifestyle Business, I thought the Internet was the answer to everything. I was creating videos, doing social-media, sending out videos, etc. I was living the iMyth.

It doesn’t work.

The big Shminternet Shmarketing gurus don’t tell you that you have to do more than just slap videos up online, do some social media posts and put up a blog.

You can’t know what content to put up on that Internet if you haven’t defined who your niche is and started TALKING to them. Understanding their pain, their desires and how they view the world is the only way that you can ever say anything to them that matters.

I get really tired of seeing all these “make money while you sleep” promises. The only way to make money There_is_no_such_thing_as_Internet_Marketingwhile you sleep is to be a night watchman.

The information business is absolutely the best business to be in. What other business or job lets you do what you want and do it exactly how you want? What other business has practically unlimited potential to grow and an unlimited variety of revenue streams? What other business allows you (in fact, requires you) to completely be yourself, relax and talk about what you love and get paid as much as you want for it? There is none.

That’s why I’m not going to let the Shminternet Shmarketers keep feeding you lies.

The Internet is awesome. It’s one of the best marketing tools you have at your disposal. But it’s only one. Here are three really specific things you can do to grow you following and make more money with your expert lifestyle business so you can have more freedom.

  1. Network Locally: I always advise clients of this and I feel very strongly about it because I didn’t do it enough at first. That was a huge mistake. Network, speak and talk to people in your area.
  2. Use the Actual Mail: I am very thankful to the Internet for causing lots of marketers to quit using the good old post office! They have cleared out of the mailboxes, which makes more room for the rest of us who are multi-model. I use mailaletter.com, which allows me to mail letters anywhere in the world for 1-2 bucks each.
  3. Talk to People: You simply have to talk to people. Whether it’s face-to-face, on the phone or on Skype doesn’t matter as much as that you are talking. This is how you get to know your niche and what they want and don’t want.

The Internet is cool, but it’s not the only game in town. Be multi-model.

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