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Top (and first) 3 things to do with a blog post (Guest Post by Blake Douglass, co-creator of 100 Grand Brand) - How To Quit Working
Top (and first) 3 things to do with a blog post (Guest Post by Blake Douglass, co-creator of 100 Grand Brand)

Top (and first) 3 things to do with a blog post (Guest Post by Blake Douglass, co-creator of 100 Grand Brand)

Top (and first) 3 things you should do with your blog post after its been written.

1. Syndicate: In simple terms: Send your blog post to your social networks. Syndicating a post isn’t strictly limited to social networks, but for your purposes for now let’s pretend it is. If you are using wordpress as your blogging platform then go ahead and install the plugin “Word Social.” Here is an excerpt from their site describing the plugin

“WordSocial is a plugin for self hosted WordPress blog, which allows users to automatically publish their content (posts and pages) on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Once the plugin has been installed on your blog, you can configure it with your Facebook account and your Twitter account to automatically publish your content on your social networks.

Pretty neat huh? Will this send a rush of millions of visitors to your blog? probably not. But it will save you time and make your time spent online more efficient. If you are still confused here’s the simplest way to look at it.

1. You type words and post those words to your blog
2. Word Social sends link to words to your social networks
3. People who follow you see link to words
4. People click link and read words you wrote
5. People now like you and hopefully want to read more
6. People buy what you sell because you are awesome!

Got it? Good! Here is a link to WordSocials site: http://wso.li/

2. Seek and Assist on Twitter: Providing genuine valuable assistance is one of the best ways to build a faithful crew of twitter followers. Simply search for the topic of your blog and share your post with the users who are asking for advice/guidance. This article for instance, I may go search “how do I get more views on my blog post.” Maybe not that long, but something to that effect. I see whos tweeting and reaching out for help and I send them this blog article along with a short personalized message. Best case scenario I get a new follower, a new blog subscriber, and a new contact on my email list.

3. Add it to your email signature: You can use the free service WiseStamp to add a link to your latest blog post to your email signature. Anytime you make a new post your signature automatically updates. There are also a whole slew of kick ass features in WiseStamp. It’s free so go check it out:


There are about 107 things you could do after writing a blog post. These 3 I feel are the most important, and provide the biggest return for your time. Don’t use the credo “if you build it they will come,” it isn’t true in our industry. You’ve got to bring it to them and put it right up in their face. Remember to always be providing value, and help others til it hurts. Now stop reading this, send it to a friend, and start blogging!


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