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Working remotely pros and cons - How To Quit Working
230: Working Remotely Pros and Cons

230: Working Remotely Pros and Cons

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Working remotely pros and cons

I talk to so many people who want to work remotely. They love the idea of location independent businesses and lets face it, who wouldn’t. Doesn’t it sound great to be able to travel the world all while making a great living and running a dynamic business? However, there are realities to face. Working remotely pros and cons.

Travelling and flexibility

The number one best part of working remotely is, you guessed it­ you get to travel. If you are a lover of travel who wouldn’t want to create a business that allows you that luxury. It’s a lot of fun to travel and know that you have everything you need often on the internet to continue working your business while you’re on the road, in the air or at an exotic location.

The flexibility piece is my next favorite. You get to have the flexibility to be where you want to be when you want to be there. It’s really a wonderful feeling. My recommendation is to build flexibility into your business no matter what type of business you’re creating. Flexibly is one of the greatest benefits of business ownership. If you aren’t creating a business that will allow you this flexibility, you might want to think a bit harder about the company you’re designing. Not having to stay in a specific location, but being able to move from place to place is a wonderful feeling.

Family time

As a mother it is wonderful to be able to spend time with my kids. I enjoy being able to spend time with my kids and not having to be at work in an office everyday. As a former working mother this is huge. When I was employed I always had the internal conflict of working or not working. Fighting the daily battle of the pleasure and pain of working and the pleasure and pain of staying at home. Which choice was better, what was right for our family and what SHOULD I be doing? I don’t have to worry about that anymore. I know I have all the time I need to spend with my kids, and I love it.

Not having a routine

Of course with every situation you have the good and the bad. For me I don’t enjoy not having a routine. I don’t feel like I’m getting as much accomplished. Having my business routines that I follow each day helps keep me motivated and encouraged to do the harder tasks that I need to get done. When you own a business you typically do what you want to do and not what you always need to do. This is exasperated by working remotely. The time you want to spend on business creation activities is shortened and thus your follow through to do the hard stuff is just not there.

Working remotely pros and cons

Productivity is difficult when you’re in vacation mode

You need to decide if you want to take extended vacations as a business owner, or if you want to work remotely. If you want to work remotely, that’s fine but you’ll need to remember that you aren’t on vacation you’re just working in a different place. Or if you’ve decided you want to take more frequent longer vacations, that’s fine too, you simply must create a business that allows you to make that dream a reality. It is difficult to be productive when you’re mind is in “vacation mode.” Productivity falls to the bottom of the list.

Obstacles in working remotely

Presumably, if you’re working remotely you are going to need an internet connection and maybe a good cell phone signal. Internet connections can be spotty when you travel. If you’re used to a very strong signal you might be challenged. I’ve found that even in hotels with wi­fi the connection can be poor. Also, it may not be very secure. You need to think through this prior to your travels. I’ve found tasks that typically take me 5 minutes can take me upwards of 30 minutes with a poor connection. This can kill your business development and also might leave you with even less a desire to work in your business. Hitting the beach a few hours before planned might look very appealing if you aren’t able to make the phone calls you’d planned, or if your internet is very slow.

Surround yourself with the suitable people

Often those around you don’t fully grasp that you need to be productive and actually work in your business. They might think you don’t really need to work on your businesses or that you’re just saying that you need to work to feel important or get out of activities. Make sure that you’re surrounding yourself with people who have the expectation prior to your arrival that you’ll be spending a certain number of hours each day or week in your business.

If you are traveling with your children you may not have the typical childcare that you normally have. If you don’t have someone dedicated to watching your children this too will lead to a lower level of productivity. Your kids may be used to you working on your business, but when you are away from home it’s possible that they might not understand that you still need to work or to spend time in your business. They too may have the desire to do more vacation type activities that they won’t be able to enjoy until after your business hours are over.

It’s a blast being able to travel and work. Having a location independent business is wonderful. Just make sure you set appropriate intentions and have realistic expectations as well as a great internet connection. With each trip you can modify and adjust until you are able to create your perfect remote working environment.

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